Rear Axel Spacers –

I finally took the time to get started on figuring all the spacers out for the people that have sent in their rear axel assemblies to get converted over to our DMI – BullDog axels.

I started with the one’s that needed them the quickest. But I do not have any anodized parts back yet.

So we now have all the stuff to convert your Sawyer Pan Hard axel.
We’ve also completed the parts to convert the Farrell Frameworks axels

I’ll have the rest done by the end of the week, I promise. Each manufactures axel take time to figure out.

I put a picture of our RadUloc Tapered Spacer, which is the very first spacer on each side of the axel.

We are using some of the technology we got to develop in our North Sea Deep Hole parts.

The RadUloc technology disperses the longitudinal loading force to more than one surface, which allows us to go lighter and still be strong and it makes the damn thing run truer