Tight in = loose off

 If you will remember this you will become faster in one week.

 90% off all forward bite issues is a direct relationship to something that has been done to make the car get in the corner better.

 I deal with this on a regular basis, especially in July and August when all the tracks are dry slick.

 The problem starts when you try to tighten the car up and instantly you start fighting a forward bite issue. I see so many people that are fast when the track is good and then it slicks off and all off a sudden the whole program is junk.

 The big fix is patience, as the track gets slicker it’s also slowing down. So as a driver you must slow down. When the car is fast you are not working the steering wheel much, same when it’s dry let the car do its job. Don’t run down the straight and give the wheel a big yank to the left, now the car is in a four wheel skate and you have to wait on it to pick the throttle up. Actually the car should turn its self you’ll just have to be patience and wait on it.

 I have separated some of the componets that will affect handling of the car when it drys out. I will address these separate, mainly because of the length and time frame to do them all at once.

 If you have any other things that you would like brought up just let me know

 Set up

 Double heim link – lengths

 Wishbone – 4 link location

 Rear axle location



 Ride height


 Spring rate



 Changes made through out the nite