#1 thing, don’t rely on the bearing manufacture –

The grease that the bearing manufactures use is a heat activated grease, which is very thick and in fact causes drag. But in their defense they are not making these bearings for racing purposes. These bearings might also go in a tractor or big truck.

So it’s up to you to what I call massage the parts to fit our application.

So first thing I do is pop the seals off all the bearings and clean the brand new bearing.
Once you get all the grease out of the bearing you’ll notice how free they spin. This is what you are looking for when they are lubricated.

Now you can get creative, do you put grease back in. Hell no. You’re right back where you started.
Depending on how anal you are with maintance, the thinner the lube the less friction.

I use a mixture of Mobil 1 grease, Synergyn assembly lube and graphite. You can be the mad scientist here.

look at the go cart and JR sprint guys they are masters at freeing the bearings up. They”ll just use TriFlo, which is a liquid and creates no drag.

That’s all I have time for, I’m saving the Making a cheap bearing as good or better than a ceramic or coated bearing til last. the last segment,