Fuel Pump Maintance –

Since it looks like we are all going to be grounded for a while, we don’t need to forget our maintance program on the race cars. I’m treating this like an after the ShootOut maintance .

First thing is to maintance the fuel system, Here’s a little apparatus that I made with all used parts I had laying around from the carb days.

I have removed the pump from the car so you can see it better, but you can leave the pump on the car.

Take you fuel line off and install this on your pump, fill it full of a lubricant ( I used Mystery Oil ) cap it off and turn the pump on and it will circulate the lubricant in the pump.

You may have to crack the cap to bleed the air out.

Cheap – Easy and it will make your pump last

You mechanical pump people need to do the same, but in a different way.

Don’t let fuel sit in those pumps