Setting Steering Up –

I see a lot of race cars that do not have their steering set up right, well I didn’t say that right, it’s not set up like I like it to be.

My main goal is to make the steering turn 20% more to the right than it does to the left. I’m not concerned about how much it turns to the left when it’s pushing like a dump truck.

So in the picture, I have my front axel, I have offset the rack in the steering box so I have more sticking out the right side than the left. This distance will be different on each different rack style.

On ours, 1/4″ more out the right is good.

Now get the correct length steering rods for this set up, and your done.

But while you have the axel up where it’s easy to work on you might as well set your toe. Put your 2 front centers on and use them to set your toe. I run toe out and 1/32 to 1/16 toe at the wheel center will be 3/32 to 1/8 at tire diameter.

You should be good and the steering will turn far enough right to catch you if you get the car sideways